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Most of the Perl / CGI I have written is currently being used on servers, and hence can not be listed here.

I programmed Perl and CGI for Corning Incorporated for 6 months, and have hard copy of some code written there. Please e-mail me if you would like recent examples.
A Line
HSCTC Calendar
HSCTC - The Human Services Coalition of Tompkins County originally contracted this calendar. Over time, I began to modify it into the programs below.
Calendar CGI
The calendar is a suite of programs for a multi-user on-line calendar, and was a work in progress. You may log in as a new user with: Username Guest Password Guest, or as a full user with Username David Password David.
Total Codebase: Two programs @ 1,000 lines each, Four other programs totaling 1,000 lines.
Other CGI Projects
Dynamic Secure Realm Creation
Web Account Creation
Virtual Host Creation
Web Hit Statistics Generation
Disk Quota Analysis
Data Separation & Analysis
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