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This is some of my work. I've started pieces 4, 5, and 6 (which is almost complete, another big one). These pieces are all freehand, no templates or guides or anything like that. Whatever, here they are...
Painting 5 First Pic 1 (Crappy, but hey first try)
First Pic 2
First Pic 3
Second Pic 1
Second Pic 2
Second Pic 3
Second Pic 4
This picture was taken prior to me majorly changing some of Painting 3
Painting 3 Pic 1
Painting 3 Pic 2
Painting 3 Pic 1 Hi-Res

Painting 4 A claw... Unfinished

Painting 5 Pic 1 I'm really happy with this new one
Painting 5 Pic 2

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