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To begin with, in case you don't know what a MUD is, it is a multi-player game which resides on the Internet. Based in a fantasy world, a player has the option of choosing from a number of races and classes. Once a character is created, that person will be able to interact with people who are playing across the world. The Valhalla MUD is located at: 4242, or can be reached by the link below. I was once a player on this MUD, but for the past few years, I have been building zones (areas of play) for it. This has allowed me to attain God status. Being a God entails the maintenance of your zone, helping players with problems, and general maintenance of the MUD. My projects include: The Isle of the Dead, The Horses of Urland, Online Storage, The Hamlet, The Pit, and Most recently the monitoring of Unique Items. The previous and a few other assundries can be found on the MUD at this time. I go by the name Isildur, Son of Elendil the Star Lover, of course borne from J.R.R. Tolkien. In August of 1997 I was promoted to the position of Admin, in charge of Guilds for the world. My J.R.R. Tolkien Page
The word MUD is simply an acronym for Multi-User Domain or Dungeon. Valhalla MUD stems from the original DIKU MUD project, and was previously named DIKU II. Valhalla(DIKU II) is maintained and updated by the original creators of the DIKU MUD style MUD.

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