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Personal Pages
Personal Pages
Meow... My Cat Under the Tree
At my parents house
On the Fridge
Little Kitten
Little Kitten - Note he's smaller than my boot
Things I've Built An Adirondack Chair - Built out of cedar for my parents
A Bench - I built of out a tree in my parents backyard
The Bench - See above
More Benches - I built these at camp up in Vermont, yup, thats me in the hat
Artwork Silver Tree - Sterling Silver tree mounted on Amethyst
Same Silver Tree - See Above
A Chinese Dragon - I was commisoned to paint in 8th grade.
Jewelry I've Designed A Necklace
Another Necklace
Horseback Riding Elmira Charity Horse Show 2002, 2'6"
Other People's
Wolfman - Picture by Suson Seddon Boulet
Le Cauchemar (The Nightmare) - Sculpture of a Winged Demon and a Woman
Nature Bald Eagles - From a postcard, little folded in one corner but they are pretty
The Sun & Moon - Total eclipse of the sun
Wolves Kiri - Kiri, A wolf in wolf park
Lakota - The wolf I adopted, one of the Wolves of the Nez Pierce
A Wolf - From the Druid Animal Oracle
Some Wolves - My mom sent me a postcard with these

My cat when he was a kitten...
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