May, 1997 Ithaca College
BS of Communications
-Television/Radio Major
-History Minor
Ithaca, NY
June, 1993 Bedford High School Bedford, MA
Spring, 1999 Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE), Red Hat Linux
Work Experience
Winter, 1999 -
Clarity Connect Inc.
-Director of Web Services
Ithaca, NY
Fall, 1997 -
Winter, 1999
Clarity Connect Inc.
-Web Master & Administrator
-Website Design
-Technical Support Specialist
Ithaca, NY
Winter, 1996 -
Spring, 1999
Log In Multimedia
-Website Development
-Multimedia and Graphic Design
Ithaca, NY
Summer, 1996 -
Spring, 1999
Log In Productions
-Documentary Production
-Web Master
Ithaca, NY
Summer, 1996 Log In Productions
Ithaca, NY
Fall, 1995 -
Winter, 1997
Ithaca College Academic Computing
-Computer Consultant
Ithaca, NY
Fall, 1992 -
Spring, 1994
Bedford McDonalds
-Crew Trainer
Bedford, MA
Summer, 1992, 1994 Farm & Wilderness Camps
-Overnight Camp Counselor
Plymouth, VT
Summer, 1991, 1993 Bedford Recreation Day Camp
-Day Camp Counselor
Bedford, MA
Fall 1996 - Present New England Role-playing Organization - Live Action Role Playing
Spring 1995 - Present Jewelry Making
Fall 1995 - Present Writing a Fantasy Novel
Fall 1995 - Present Web Design
Fall 1993 - Present Computer Programming For Internet MUD
Fall 1993 - Present Computer Gaming
College Activities
Spring 1996 - Spring 1997 Ithaca College Role Playing Game Association
Winter 1996 - Fall 1996 DEC Microsystems VAX/VMS Programming for Academic Computing
Fall 1993 - Spring 1995 Ithaca College Television
Winter 1993 - Winter 1995 WICB - Ithaca College Radio
Fall 1995 - Fall 1996 Ithaca College Environmental Society
Fall 1993 - Fall 1995 Ithaca College Hall Council
1993 Bedford High School Principalsí Award
1993 Massachusetts Science Teachers Award for Citizenship
1993 Massachusetts Jewish War Veterans Award for Citizenship
1992 Bedford Student Citizen of the Year
Skill Set
Web Design
HTML Coding
Adobe Photoshop (3 - 5)
Adobe Illustrator 8
Corel Photopaint (4 - 8)
Corel Draw (4 - 8)
Dreamweaver 2
Symmantec Visual Page
Claris Home Page 3
Website Promotion
Website Sales & Marketing

Programming / Scripting
Perl / CGI coding
WebCatalog E-Commerce / WebDNA Scripting
Filemaker Script
Claris Dynamic Markup Language (CDML)
VMS DCL (DEC Command Language)
DikuMUD Interactive Language (DIL)

Intranet Design
Resources for document distribution
Tech support systems
Internal Communications Utilities

Filemaker Pro 3.x, 4.x
Database Design & Administration
Filemaker Web Serving

Wiring / LAN
Network Infrastructure
CAT 5 Wiring up to Gigabit Ethernet
Patch Panel / Keystone Installation
Telephone system infrastructure
Wiremold 4000 & 5000 installation
Ethernet cables & crossover cables

Other Software
Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
Netscape 2.x - Communicator
IE 2.x - 5.x
Eudora Pro
Secure CRT
Norton AntiVirus
Ultra Edit
Timbuktu Pro
Server / OS

Red Hat Linux 5.x, 6.x
Red Hat Certified Engineer
System Design & Administration
Security Auditing and Design
Apache Web Server Setup & Maintenance
Emergency Server Repair & Data Ressurection
Arkeia LAN based backup
Disk Quota
Chrooted FTP
Web Log Analysys
Server Side Includes (SSI)
Secure Shell (SSH)
Real Server

Mac OS
WebStar Web Server 2.x, 3.x, 4.x
WebStar Secure Server
System Design & Administration
NetCloak / NetForms
Welcome Plugin
Biap Counter
QuickDNS Pro
Eudora Internet Mail Server (EIMS)
Retrospect Backup

Windows NT
System Design & Administration
Internet Information Server (IIS)
Server Maintenance
Virtual Hosts

PC design from component level
Full Site Designed:
(In no particular order, and some are OLD :)
From Clarity Connect:
-Honda of Ithaca
-Croft Lumber - Template Design
-Deb's Farmstead - Template Design
-United Way of Tompkins County - Template Design
-Stafford Chevrolet - In Design
Project Oversight for sites listed at: Clarity Connect
From Log In Productions:
-Nomadic Pictures
-Chelyabinsk: The Most Contaminated Spot on the Planet
-Log In Productions
-From Chechnya to Chernobyl
-Shtetl ~ A Journey Home
-Log Cabin Experience
-Bed & Breakfast Inns - Web of America
-Bed & Breakfast Association of Greater Ithaca
-Clearly Cayuga
-Clarity Connect
-Isildur's Lair

Original Design (No Longer Maintained by Myself)
-Log Country Inn Bed and Breakfast
-South Pacific Wholesale Company
-Music in Motion® - with L.J. Robinson
-Kinetic Image Corporation
-Quilters Corner
-The Bullpen
-Pelican Design
More to follow when I find the time...