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Personal Pages
Personal Pages
Here you find a collection of links which I have compiled over time. Of course it is by no means a monstrously large collection of material. But hey, what can you do?
Friend's Pages
Gershamabob - My Sister's Website
Chaya Wisdome - My Sister's and my friend Chaya
Graphics / Clipart
Realm Graphics - Ender's Realm Clipart and web art. A nice site. It's been around since like 1996 when I started designing web pages so I leave it here now.
Fine Art (or not so fine)
HR Giger - Swiss Surrealist H.R. Giger (Aliens Movies Etc.)
Morpheus International - Foremost publisher of surreal art.
SUNET's FTP Archive - Tons of different scans and pictures... originally I had found the fine art in the /art directory.
Art Crimes - A site devoted containing Grafitti from around the world.
HP Lovecraft
The HP Lovecraft Archive - A really nice, and very well done site about HP Lovecraft.
The Dreamlands - hplovecraft.org, my HP Lovecraft domain, and website which really doesn't exist yet.
Cool Stores
The Celtic Garden - Some nice products, crystals, wands, runes, gemstones and stuff I am generally into.
Random & Interesting
Rat Haus Reality - I've had this site linked since the beginning, I might as well keep it now.
NativeWeb - Resources for indigenous cultures around the world and associated topics.
CDT.org - Support Free Speech Online
Castles of Wales - If you like castles this is an awesome site.
Castles of Japan - Nice and well laid out collection of Japanese Castles.
Computer Magazines
So You Think You're A Hacker? These people have been doing it much longer...
2600 Magazine
Phrack - Currently not working, but maybe it will come back. You can usually find archives around.
Hatrack River - Orson Scott Card Homepage and official website.
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